Who am I ?

Hi! I'm Asthriona, and I dont have name. people call me weeb.
I'm Friendly, Everyone like me... I dont know why.
I love anime (That's maybe why ppl call me weeb.), Playing Video Games, Mainly WoW. I'm part of The Wall, The best WoW EU Guild.
I code stuff sometimes, I work for Sirius Media Group as Developer and producer.
I like making audio visual stuff. That's why i'm Working at Sirius Media Group But they ask me to code stuff all the time for NuxArch.
I hate coding, but I like this feeling when you done, so I love coding. (Dont ask.)
I've learn server stuff, which I like a lot, managing servers is funny.
I hate sleeping, but I sleep a lot, then I hate myself.
I love music and Dank Meme. I'm also a PewDiePie subscriber for around 9 years. (NOOOOO STEFANOOOOOOO! :c)
I love great art, My fav artist are lgisdead and BobberWCC
And i hate talking about me.

What did I do Everyday?

I'm One of the founder of AnimeFM, the replacement of Cloudsdale Radio. I'm also the lead Producer/Project/Team manager of Sirius Media Group and Cloudsdale Group I also deal the the Sirius Media Group Warehouse and Datacenter. I'm Dev for Sirius Media Group, CloudsdaleGroup, RainboomStudio & NuxArch.
I play WoW and OSU! a lot, It's one of my biggest time consuming things.
I also make Let's play on YouTube to show games to my friend.

My Works:


The Wall

WoW Guild website
> ExpressJS



NodeJS Discord bot
> Discord.js



Japan related web radio
> Vue and Nuxt.



Personal Site & blog
> VueJS/Express



WoW Raid Tracker API
> Express

World Of Warcraft

This game became a big part of my life, I play since end of Burning Crusade.
My oldest archivement is [WoW's 5th Anniversary]
I mainly play Deamon Hunter Level 120 called Alynnia on Turalyon, But I moved to Magtheridon to join my friend of The Wall.
On Magtheridon I mainly play a Space Goat Pladin named "Alestra" (I like paladin) and gearing up a Deamon Hunter Havoc Called "Allinaya"


You want to contact me? Cool, use the form below :)